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  MIMS Mobile

Drug information on-the-go!

MIMS Gateway Mobile allows doctors to search the extensive MIMS drug information databases anytime, anywhere, even if you are not connected to the internet!

Medical professionals can search concise or detailed drug prescribing information to check drug dosages, indications, side effects, contraindications, precautions and drug-drug interactions.

MIMS Gateway Mobile is currently only available in Malaysia.

App available soon
  MIMS Mobile
App Features
Concise Prescribing Information
Delivers concise summaries of key prescribing information to allow quick on-the-go referencing of drug indications, dosage, safety precautions, contraindications and packing information.
Detailed Prescribing Information
MIMS Gateway Mobile provides the complete and approved prescribing information detailing comprehensive information on all aspects of the medication.
Manufacturer Contact Information
Allows convenient access to contact information of drug manufacturers and distributors.
Drug Interaction Checker
An evidence-based clinical decision support tool enabling quick and intuitive checking of drug-drug interactions, supplemented with recommended actions, documentation level and references.
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